A downloadable tool for Windows

DunGenTool is a free tool for generating rogue-like dungeons. It is designed for newcomers to development for quick and easy dungeon level generation and editing.

Generate and save your custom dungeons, choose the number of rooms, edit each room individually if you like.

Save room templates to use in your dungeon. Once saved, they will appear randomly at any room position upon generation.

Test your dungeon to see if you haven't made it impossible!

This tool is still in development.

Install instructions

Unzip the included folder and double click on the exe to run!


dungentool.zip 6 MB


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its nice

I like the whole panel on the top left that lets me chose the room and the way it auto-creates me a level layout. It would be nice to have the ability to draw my own layouts and maybe have objects such as stairs that allow me to got to another part of the map instead of finishing the level or even trapdoors instead etc.

The ability to import your own 64x64 textures or similar would be a nice addition to improve this in the future and make it a great tool for dungeon design. Other than that, it seems perfectly stable and look forward to future improvements

Just noticed the stairs, is still stand by the trapdoor though

Thanks. :)

There are plans for adding new rooms in positions that don't exist yet, as well as importing your own tile sheets. 

Took me a little while to figure out how to change which room in the dungeon I was focused on. Perhaps improve the signposting for that function, it was very useful once I figured it out.